5 Best Things About Being an Aunt

by Anna Altea December 12, 2017

5 Best Things About Being an Aunt

Why Being an Aunt is The Best Job Ever

If you are about to become an aunt, you’re about to start the best job of your whole life!

Having a niece or nephew is one of the most special relationships you can have, so get prepared to have the best brought out in you as you watch your new little family member grow into a fully-fledged human being.

Here is why being an aunt is one of the best things that will ever happen to you:

  1. You can be a kid again: Being your niece or nephew’s best friend means that you get the chance to explore your childhood all over again! Playing games and having fun on the swings will bring out your childlike personality and remind you of all the happy memories you had as a child.
  2. Bath time and cuddles: There’s nothing more magical that bathing your niece or nephew and getting them ready for bed with a quiet story and some cuddles!
  3. You can hand them back: As much as you love your little human, being an aunt means that you can hand them straight back to their mom if they start being difficult!
  4. They think you are the coolest: While their parents are the ones to tell them off, you are the cool one who plays with them and spoils them rotten!
  5. Gifts!: There’s nothing better than spoiling your niece or nephew with plenty of gifts, especially when it’s not even their birthday! We love this My Aunt Loves Me Romper which is great for when you want to take photos with your new best friend!

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Anna Altea
Anna Altea