5 Ways to Bond with Your Baby

by Anna Altea February 22, 2018

5 Ways to Bond with Your Baby

How to Play with Your New Born

While new babies aren’t able to smile, laugh, or hold onto things, there is still every reason you should spend time interacting with them.

All babies can get bored easily if there isn’t enough to stimulate them, so it’s important to spend some time helping their brain to develop by playing and bonding with them.

So, if they aren’t able to respond yet, what are the ways in which you can bond with your newborn?


  1. Carry

The rhythm of your movements, the smell of you, and the things your baby can see as you carry them around is more than enough entertainment to keep them occupied.


  1. Sing

Singing to your baby encourages them to use their hearing and identify sounds. Try holding your baby’s hands and using hand motions at the same time to encourage the development of motor skills.


  1. Dance

Dancing exposes your baby to big-time movement and prepares their body for rolling, so put some tunes on and dance with your baby!


  1. Talk

Studies have shown that babies love to look at faces, so talking to your child while looking at them will not only make them happy but will also lay the foundation for a healthy relationship.


  1. Puppets

Use finger puppets to stoke your baby’s imagination and keep them entertained with the bright colors!


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Anna Altea
Anna Altea