Beauty and The Beast Party Ideas

by Anna Altea December 07, 2017

Beauty and The Beast Party Ideas

Throwing a Beauty and the Beast Themed Party

Serena Williams just made international headlines by holding an incredibly lavish Beauty and the Beast themed wedding in New Orleans.

It is no wonder that she chose this tale as old as time as inspiration for her big day, as it is filled with magic, wonder, enchantment and adventure – the perfect recipe for a wedding or a birthday party!

So, if your little one would like to invite her friends to be her guests on her special day, here are some tips on how to make it the best Beauty and the Beast birthday party ever!

  • Invitations: The number one rule of throwing a party is actually inviting people to come! Set the tone for your event early by sending out personalised Beauty and the Beast themed invitations.  
  • Décor: Of course, no Beauty and the Beast party would be complete without plenty of enchanted red roses, but if you are using real ones make sure you have removed all of the thorns. Pin yellow table cloths to look like Belle’s iconic dress and string plenty of blue and gold balloons around the room. 
  • Entertainment: One of the best things about throwing a movie party is that you can make the movie the star of the show! Have it playing on a projector to provide a background soundtrack as you play Beauty and the Beast themed games or sit everyone down to watch it.
  • Food and drink: You can’t have a Beauty and the Beast themed party and not serve drinks from a teapot! Use old teacups and saucers to really add to the effect. When it comes to food, the film provides plenty of inspiration! From heart-shaped sandwiches to fancy cakes and jellies, you will be spoiled for choice designing your menu.
  • Fancy dress: Having your little one’s guests come as other princesses will make them feel extra special on the day. Don’t forget that the birthday girl gets to be Belle, though! She will need the perfect dress, such as this beautiful yellow Belle-inspired ball gown.

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Anna Altea
Anna Altea