Essential Potty-Training Hacks for Busy Parents

by Anna Altea February 28, 2018

Essential Potty-Training Hacks for Busy Parents

Make Potty Training a Breeze!

Potty training can be super tricky for both parents and children, often featuring plenty of accidents, tears, and tantrums before the penny finally drops!

Luckily, there are plenty of tips and tricks that can make potty training much easier.


  • Reward system

Make going to the toilet fun by creating a sticker chart to reward your little one when they have successfully used the potty.


  • Observe

For a week or so, you will need to watch your child for any signs that they need to go in order to avoid accidents.


  • Training pants

Get your little one excited about their training pants by letting them pick out their favorite ones each morning.


  • Group support

Get together with other potty-training moms in the area and find out if they have any awesome hacks to share.


  • Go out

Staying at home forever is not an option, so head to the shops and keep checking to see if your little one needs to use the bathroom.


  • Reinforcements

Using potty training seats are a great way to make going to the bathroom fun and easy.

This Potty Training Seat comes with a removable ladder for ease of access to help your little one get toilet trained faster.


Above all, remember that this is only a phase and it won’t last forever!

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Anna Altea
Anna Altea