Helpful Teething Tips

by Anna Altea January 17, 2018

Helpful Teething Tips

Soothe Teething with These Tips

One of the cutest moments in a baby’s life is when their big grins turn into toothy smiles! Unfortunately, it can be a long and painful process to get to this point. As any parent knows, teething is one of the less enjoyable moments when babies are growing up, but there are some ways you can alleviate the pain and bring some comfort to your little one:

1. Massage the gums

Gentle pressure on your baby’s gums can soothe the discomfort and provide some relief. Using a clean finger, gently massage the gum area.

2. Cold cloth

Put a wet flannel in the freezer and then give it to your baby to chew on. Not only will the cold numb the pain but the texture of the cloth will provide some relief to the gums.

3. Use vanilla

Rubbing a few drops of vanilla extract into the gums is reported to have calming effects on teething babies.

4. Give them a teething toy

Babies love to chew on things when they are teething as it helps the teeth to come through and reduces pain. This soft silicone teether toy is perfect for sore gums and pain relief as the grooves and bumps massage the gum area. Put in the fridge before use to provide an extra cooling effect. 

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Anna Altea
Anna Altea