How to Baby-Proof Your Home

by Anna Altea February 20, 2018

How to Baby-Proof Your Home

Safe as Houses with These Top Tips

When your baby is small, it can be easy to think that your home is a safe haven with little danger to your child. However, once your little one starts crawling around, your home can suddenly become a scary place full of potential hazards!

Before your baby starts moving around, it’s a good idea to check off these baby-proofing items so that they can explore your home in safety.


  1. Clear up

If it’s within grabbing distance, you can be sure that your baby will try to touch it at some point. Avoid any accidents by making sure that the floor is clean and free from any choking hazard, store dangerous items such as batteries and plastic bags in high cupboards and keep hot items away from the edge of surfaces.


  1. Secure heavy furniture

Babies love to pull themselves up on furniture, so make sure yours can’t tip over by securing it to the wall with screws.


  1. Soften edges

Bumps to the head are all too common when baby starts to move around, so protect against any accidents by adding soft covers to sharp corners and edges of tables.


  1. Install gates

Baby gates are essential for keeping your little one away from stairs or out of dangerous rooms such as the kitchen.


  1. Protect fingers

Install door stop finger protectors on all of your doors to ensure that little fingers won’t get trapped in the hinges as it closes.


Good luck!


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Anna Altea
Anna Altea