How to Encourage Your Baby to Walk

by Anna Altea March 07, 2018

How to Encourage Your Baby to Walk

Help Your Child with Their First Steps

We all want to see our children taking their first steps!

As soon as your child starts to get too heavy to carry, thoughts turn to teaching them how to walk. But, how can you encourage a child who doesn’t really want to start walking yet?




Developing your baby’s confidence in walking is key. Try to avoid rushing over to him if he falls and don’t act impatient or disapproving when he does.


Give it time


While many children can stand while holding onto things when they are six months or older it may take them until at least 18 months until they start to take their first steps.


Sit down


If your baby knows that he can come and go to you when he wants, he is more likely to start taking steps. Instead of moving around, sit down and let him come to you.


Make it fun


Have a new pair of indoor shoes for your child to wear so that the act of walking becomes a fun thing to do.

Set them down


When you put your baby down, try to set them down on their feet rather than in a sitting position to encourage them to walk.


Hold their hands


Your baby will feel safer knowing that you are nearby, so hold their hands and help them to feel secure on their feet.


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Anna Altea
Anna Altea