How to Teach Your Child About New Year’s Resolutions

by Anna Altea January 04, 2018

How to Teach Your Child About New Year’s Resolutions

Helping Kids Make Positive Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are a great habit to get into, not only do they encourage you to reflect on your achievements from the last 12 months but they also get you into a positive way of thinking about the new year ahead.

This makes New Year’s resolutions ideal for children, as it helps them to get into good habits and positive ways of thinking.

As children get older and become more mindful of their surroundings, thinking independently and setting individual goals is a great way to encourage them to become their best selves.

So, how do you go about getting your children to set resolutions?

1. Practice what you preach

Every parent alive already knows that this is the number one rule in getting your children to do something.

Set yourself a goal for the year and demonstrate how beneficial it was for you to stick to that goal and accomplish it, your children will soon make the connection that positive intentions end up with positive results!

2. Take baby steps

Impatience in succeeding at something will only hold your child back, so help them to see that taking small steps towards a big goal pays off over time.

If they want to improve their reading, show them that spending 10 minutes reading every day will mean that in just a few months, their reading will have improved dramatically!

3. Let them make their resolutions

The most important part of the process is allowing your child the freedom to make their own resolutions.

If they struggle to think of something, guide them by setting out a few categories which they might want to improve on such as school, home, friendships etc.

Remember not to nag them about their goals as this can create a strain on the resolution and may put your child off from wanting to do it.

It can take just six weeks to form a habit, so let your child know that if they stick to their new resolution, this time next year they will have completely smashed their goals!

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Anna Altea
Anna Altea