Ideas for Decorating a Little Girl’s Bedroom

by Anna Altea February 28, 2018

Ideas for Decorating a Little Girl’s Bedroom

Transform Her Room into a Magical Wonderland

When your little one is no longer a baby, but not yet a surly teenager, you have a wonderful window of opportunity to create a magical bedroom that indulges her creative imagination.

If your daughter is in this age bracket at the moment, it’s time for her to have a bedroom that shows she is growing up but that still reflects the innocence of childhood.


  1. Tassels

For those times when you need to add some princess sparkle, but your budget doesn’t stretch that far, take some foil streamers and make them into tassels to hang from her bed posts.


  1. Butterflies

Covering one wall with a swarm of beautiful fluttering butterflies is a great way to make a feature of one of the walls.


  1. Pompoms

Another budget-friendly way to add pops of color is to make lots of pompoms from brightly colored wool and hang them from the ceiling, this is super easy and fun to do as a family!


  1. Artwork

No bedroom wall is complete without a beautiful artwork to gaze into before sleep, our Princess Castle 5-Piece Canvas Wall Art is perfect for little princesses who love to dream of their very own Cinderella Castle at night!



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Anna Altea
Anna Altea