Planning A Wedding? You Definitely Need a Flower Girl!

by Anna Altea January 14, 2018

Planning A Wedding? You Definitely Need a Flower Girl!

Why You Need A Flower Girl (Or Two!) At Your Wedding

Planning the intricate details of a wedding can be a super stressful time in anyone’s life, from choosing the table decorations to wondering which tie pins might look best for the groomsmen.

But, there’s one decision that shouldn’t be too difficult, and that is whether or not to have flower girls!

The answer to this should be a resounding YES!

If you’re still on the fence about whether to include these cute little additions on your big day, here are some reasons why flower girls are an absolute must-have for any wedding:

• They are super cute

Seriously, how could anyone not want the cute factor at their wedding?!

s your flower girl delicately scatters petals along the aisle, the entire wedding party will be commenting on how adorable your flower girl is.

• Little girls love the role

If you have a small person who would love to be involved in your wedding, then the flower girl position is perfect for them! Let your goddaughter, niece, little sister, or friend’s daughter shine for the day as a beautiful addition to your wedding.

• They can carry rings

You can really up the cuteness factor by getting your flower girls to carry the rings up the aisle!

• It’s traditional

If you’re having a big customary wedding, then having a flower girl or two is an important way of keeping to that tradition.

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Anna Altea
Anna Altea