Valentine’s Day Party Games for Children

by Anna Altea February 01, 2018

Valentine’s Day Party Games for Children

Make Time for Fun This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to teach children how important it is to cherish the people we love most in our lives, and what better way than to have plenty of fun playing games!

Whether you have a large group of children or just a couple of kids to entertain, these games should keep them occupied for at least a short while!

Don’t be afraid to adapt the rules to fit the age and size of your group!


  1. Love Heart Stacks

Grab a few packets of Love Hearts and have a race to see who can stack them the highest without the stack falling over!


  1. Celebrity Matchmaker

Write down the names of some famous couples on post its and stick them on the children’s backs. Have the children ask each other plenty of questions to find out who they are supposed to be.


  1. Valentine’s Pictionary

Make a long list of love-themed words and have the children draw pictures to represent them. The other children need to guess what the pictures represent before the timer runs out!


  1. Loved Up Word Search

Create or download some love-themed word searches and set a timer so that the children have to race against the clock to find as many hidden words as possible!


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Anna Altea
Anna Altea