Ways to Keep Children Entertained at Formal Events

by Anna Altea November 09, 2017

Ways to Keep Children Entertained at Formal Events

Fun and Easy Activities for Children at Formal Events

Formal events such as weddings and holiday parties might seem like a lot of fun for the adults, but it’s just as important to keep the children entertained as well!

Bored children usually mean stressed parents, so the key to having a relaxed event is to have some super fun and easy activities prepared to keep them entertained.

This is a lot easier than you might think, just follow these tips and enjoy yourself while your little ones have fun!

Have a children’s table – make your little ones feel super special by creating a designated table just for them, keep it stocked with crayons and paper to keep them occupied during dinner time.

Hire an entertainer – children LOVE magicians, circus acts, and storytellers, so why not hire one for an hour or two to keep them distracted?

Set up a games and crafts room – if the weather is less than ideal, set up a room where the children can play twister or ping pong and have an additional space for them to make their own crafts. 

Movie time – nothing keeps children focused more than a great kid’s movie and a big bucket of popcorn. Set up a projector and let them choose which films they’d love to watch.

Of course, it’s not just about keeping them entertained. Making sure your child feels beautifully dressed will make the event super special for them as well. This beautiful Princess Party Dress is perfect for any formal events you might have coming up.

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Anna Altea
Anna Altea