Winter Tips for Newborns

by Anna Altea November 21, 2017

Winter Tips for Newborns

Surviving Winter with A Newborn

A new arrival in the winter time can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially for first timers!

With bad weather, cold temperatures, increased illnesses, and icy conditions to battle against, it’s no wonder that our protective instincts go into overdrive.

But, it’s no use staying inside until it’s all blown over! Babies and adults need fresh air, even if it is cold out. Just stay safe with these top tips:

Avoid puffy layers in the car seat – it can be super tempting to keep your baby in their thick overcoat when in the car, but it is unsafe to have thick layers underneath car straps. Use some cosy blankets to keep them warm instead.

Wear with caution – icy surfaces can be super treacherous, especially if you are carrying your newborn as your balance will be off. Stick to using the stroller until the weather warms up.

Layer up – it might seem obvious, but wrapping up warm in multiple layers is key to keeping in much-needed warmth. Make sure your baby is fully kitted out with their first pair of Winter Warm Snow Boots to keep their feet nice and toasty!

Don’t forget mittens! – Pushing a stroller in the cold will be super harsh on your hands, so keep them nice and warm by wearing a thick pair of mittens when you’re out and about.

Pump up tyres – strollers can take a bit of a bashing in the winter, so make sure the tyres are fully inflated to keep you gliding smoothly over the sidewalk.

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Anna Altea
Anna Altea