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Gemma, Gemma, Gemma!
Our curse is our cause!
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Greetings loving mothers and fathers, we decided to sale adorable baby girl gear after spending 9 months in the hospital with our newborn baby, Gemma. She was born with a very rare syndrome known as "Ondine's curse" (congenital central hypo-ventilation syndrome) and our lives have never been the same since.

We here at babygirl have decided that we will donate 10% of our profits every single year to the CCHS foundation in order to find the cure for this terrifying syndrome.

Gemma's mother noticed that there just weren't enough headbands for babies available for purchase during our nine month stay in hospitals. We have decided to work together and make it easier for moms everywhere to adorn their baby girls with very cute headbands so they can be just as cute as our sweet little Gemma!!

We would love to feature your little girl on our site so please, feel free to email us pictures of them in their brand new apparel! We will be featuring new babies once a week so stay posted.